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Valentine’s Day 2023

A wonderful day celebrating all types of love!

❤️ Eros Love - Romantic love

❤️ Philia Love - Friendship love

❤️ Storge Love - Family and pets love

❤️ Agape Love - God’s love

In the morning I was with the lovely family at Golden Memories dementia support group at Tytherington Family Worship Church, and one couple there had celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary…wow!

Then in the afternoon I visited Eccles Fold Resource Centre in Chapel-en-le-Frith where we reminisced about going out dancing with friends, including boyfriends…"else there’s no point in going!”

We had songs from the musical My Fair Lady, including ”Get me to the Church on Time”, and other lovely songs such as “I’d like to teach the world to sing” (1971) by The New Seekers which talks of human kindness and love.

Thank you for having me GMG and Eccles Fold! X


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