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Twenty-two residents and two budgies!

I am still beaming after my visit to Ladydale Care Home in Leek on Friday.

There were twenty-two residents (and two budgies!) in the spacious lounge at Ladydale, and what a warm welcome they all gave me. We sang songs in memory of Queen Elizabeth II including the well-known hymn "Jerusalem". There was a heart-warming moment when one lady, a former member of the WI, sang at the top of her voice... I stopped singing for a moment so that we could all enjoy hearing her most beautiful voice! This is the power of music.

There were also some fun moments of dancing along to ABBA and Cliff Richard tunes, some of Her Majesty's favourites.

Thank you so much to Caren and all the wonderful team of carers at Ladydale for having me! X


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