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Singing and Dementia Reflections 3 ~ Early Onset

Early onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia is utterly heartbreaking 💔 Last week, I met a lady and gentlemen who were both only in their 50s.

The lady had lost her use of language and wasn’t really engaged or present. I felt upset that I wasn’t able to reach her, but I hope and pray that she was listening to the music and that it moved her in some way. There was one small moment when we made eye contact and she smiled, which gave me hope. Her lovely daughter was giving her constant cuddles and kisses, and her love for her mother was just beautiful to see.

The gentleman was the complete opposite. The singing and music opened up a world of emotions within him and he was crying endlessly. He was unable to verbalise his thoughts, but I think that the tears were a release of emotion. His wife was there to comfort him and hold him, despite her own tears. It was incredibly moving to behold.

People often say to me “oh I don’t know how you could do your job” and usually I reply “I absolutely love it!” But this weekend, I feel heartbroken on behalf of the wife and daughter, and all those who have loved ones living with dementia. Dementia is a cruel reality of our broken world, but I know that music is a heavenly language which never fails.

Katy X


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