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Oasis Unity Choir 🌼

I was both honoured and nervous when the Hallé asked me to visit the Oasis Centre in Gorton and help to run their Oasis Unity Choir. (Taking over from the incredible Michelle Robinson who has lead the choir for the last 6 years, and alongside the talented Rachel Steadman on piano) …But wow! What an incredible 6 weeks it has been!

About the Oasis Centre

Oasis is run by an amazing team of Christians, sharing the love and light of Christ to the whole community!

Providing breakfast and a hot lunch 5 days a week, as well as activites, education programmes, crisis support, and so much more.

Oasis Unity Choir

The choir is made up of around 25 people…we all come together, just as we are, to laugh and sing together! It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my career to guide this wonderful group of people in singing. My cheeks hurt by the end of rehearsal from smiling so much!

No matter what problems we are facing that week, we come together to sing!

On Wednesday, we ended our 6-week block of choir with a small performance in the main cafeteria to all the Oasis family.

The favourite song has definitely been “I Like the Flowers” with a rousing chorus of “Boom tiara boom!”

I have loved Oasis so much, I even joined them for their Easter party this morning!

Thank You

Thank you so much to the Hallé for inviting me to guide Oasis Unity Choir, and thank you to the Oasis family for welcoming me with loving arms! A huge thank you as well to the corporate sponsors who funded the Hallé visiting Oasis Centre.

I praise God for a wonderful 6 weeks which has come just when I needed it.


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