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“Edelweiss, edelweiss”

This month's sessions are themed around "The Sound of Music"! Did you know...the actress who played Liesel (Charmian Carr) fell and sprained her ankle whilst filming the famous "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" dance? But she still carried on, and her bandaged ankle was airbrushed out!

This week I have had the pleasure of visiting the Brookview Bupa Care Home in Alderley Edge, and the Cheadle Manor Care Centre in Cheadle Village.

During the sessions, I strummed my ukulele and we sang the beautiful lullaby "Edelweiss" together. It was so magical to hear everyone humming and singing along...I had to stop singing myself!

Thank you for having me Brookview and Cheadle Manor! I am looking forward to three care homes sessions next week X


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